Where do I start?

Step 1: Contact a local foster care licensing agency

Child Saving Institute
402.553.6000 | childsaving.org

Lutheran Family Services
402.661.7100 | onelfs.org

Boys Town
402.498.3036 | boystown.org

OMNI Inventive Care
402.397.9866 | omniic.com

Children’s Square
402.556.6765 | childrenssquare.org

Christian Heritage
402.421.5437 | chne.org

NOVA Treatment Community
402.455.8303 | novatc.org

Apex Family Care
402.571.5400 | apexfamily.org

KVC Nebraska
402.498.4700 | nebraska.kvc.org

Department of Health and Human Services
Division of Children & Family Services
P.O. Box 95026 | Lincoln, NE 68509-5044
402.471.9272 | dhhs.ne.gov

Step 2: Register and Attend Training Classes

Once you have contacted your lead agency, they will inform you of the criteria for Nebraska foster-adoptive homes. If you meet the criteria, they will inform you of their upcoming training schedule. This training is for all qualified individuals or families. The purpose of this training is to inform potential foster-adoptive parents about the unique challenges the children in waiting face.

Step 3: Complete a Home Study

During training, the agency will send a worker to your home to complete a fostering home study which takes six hours and typically occurs over three visits. During the home study you will be asked questions regarding your family’s dynamic, your childhood, your family’s strengths and limitations, financial and emotional stability, and safety of the home. You will also be asked to provide references, financial statements, employment history, and undergo background checks. The purpose of the study is to help determine the family’s appropriateness for fostering and what type of child would be the best match for your family.

Step 4: Make Inquiries About the Children Available For Adoption

During the licensing process, and once you have received approval to become an adoptive home, your family can begin to inquire about children available for adoption. On each of the websites listed below you'll see pictures and bios of kids legally available for adoption. Once you’ve found a child/children you’re interested in learning more about, contact the organization and provide the completed home study to the Caseworker or Permanency Services Recruiter. This individual will help you determine if the child may be a good match for your family. If your family and the child are found to be a good potential match, the Recruiter will share additional information and collaborate with your family, case workers, current placement home, and the child to build a relationship that could lead to a successful bond and transition into placement.