Adoption Creates Forever Families

YOU are the best thing that could happen to a child awaiting adoption



We’re delighted you’re considering opening your heart and home to an older child in need. On the following pages, you’ll not only see compelling photographs of beautiful children available for adoption, you’ll get a glimpse of their unique personalities as well. Some of the kids like sports; some like art; some are outgoing; some are shy. But ALL of the children need a safe, nurturing Forever Home where they are given the opportunity to be themselves and receive unconditional love and support. For many reasons – including neglect, abuse and abandonment – these kids have found themselves in the foster care system. Adopting a foster child is not cause for concern—like all kids, these children long for a normal life. They need love. They need families. They need YOU.

All for the children,

Jaymes Sime, President & CEO Child Saving Institute


Jamar is a loving, happy, and active boy. He has a great sense of humor and is really funny! Jamar is compassionate and loves hugs and tickles. He loves all things that spin; lawn mowers, snow blowers, windmills, fans, you name it! Food is Jamar's love language and will eat just about anything, including his fruits and vegetables. His absolute favorite foods are cheeseburgers and tacos. School can be a challenge for Jamar so recess is his favorite subject. Any opportunity to be outside he takes advantage of. he enjoys music and easily recalls lyrics to almost any song he hears. Jamar's dream job would be working for a landscape company where he could mow lawns all summer and plow snow all winter. Jamar will need support in maintaining his connections to those important to him.

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